radio%attac has been broadcasting a weekly half-hour radio programme on the effects of neo-liberal globalisation on people, animals and the environment since 13 February 2003. In particular, criticism of the unregulated activities of financial markets, the undemocratic actions of the World Bank and the Monetary Fund, the privatisation of public services such as pension provision, health care, educational institutions, water supply, etc., but also on topics about the unequal tax burden on companies & people, peacekeeping, the so-called "EU Constitution", anti-discrimination, migration, development cooperation as well as the position of women from a feminist point of view, historically and in neo-liberalism.


What is crucial, however, radio%attac not only criticises, but gives space for the formulation of alternatives. Because:






© Sophie
© Sophie

2. radio%attac - Broadcast, 13. 06. 2022


Global Finance: Systems of Exploitation


Sophie, Danielle, Jon, and Paolo, students of the master’s programme Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy (SEEP) at WU Vienna, analyse how the global financial system exploits people in the Global North and the Global South. They look at the different aspects of the system and its history to show that it is human-made and thus can be changed.



1. radio%attac - Broadcast, 22. 03. 2021


1. Nehammer: "Minister on the inside, liar on the outside". (© R. Menasse)
On 28 January, three underage schoolgirls and their families were deported from Austria by the executive to Georgia and Armenia. 3 underage schoolgirls, born, socialised and fully integrated in Austria.

In response to Karl Nehammer's hypocritical justifications, Austrian writer Robert Menasse wrote an indictment on social media.

Text: Robert Menasse

Spoken by radio%attac


2. Thoughts on the Corona demonstrations

Why not all Corona activists and cross-thinkers are Nazis. Why the distinction is important and why the movement is so central to the extreme right - and so dangerous for the future.


Editor: Sebastian Ludyga, Claudia Kürzl (English)